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Friday May 29 2020

The site had two boiler houses comprising of two boilers in each boilerhouse.

A condensate pump was installed to return condensate from the small boiler house to the main boiler house.

In the main boiler house 2 Cochran TC hi-low burners with a turn down of 2 were removed and replaced with 2 modulating Oilon burners with the capacity of 10:1 to enable the individual butter boilers to match the steam load.

Auxiliary equipment was also removed at the same time and the existing front plate was modified.

The burners were coupled up to a brand new Ecosafe system panel which ran the new burners and gave them the ability to do sequencing. Due to better reliability and controls the two small boilers in the other boiler house could then be turned off. He is now currently running on one boiler on lead with a lag backup boiler.

Finally utilising the existing pipe bridge, pipework was run over 200m and fully welded and tested before commissioning the system and making the handover to the customer.


Our client benefitted from the following energy savings by installing:

Retrofit Digital Combustion Controls     5%

Variable Speed Drive to FD fan      2%

Flue Gas Economiser     5%

Minor alterations were also made to the hotwell and condensate return. Some steam traps were replaced to assist in a further saving of 1%.

Total Saving     13%

Annual Cost Saved     £43,500

CO2 saved (pa)     537 Tonnes

From running four boilers to now running 1 boiler.

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