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Friday May 29 2020

Information gleaned from JBC’s free energy audit at Tangerine’s site revealed that one of the boilers was desperately inefficient. It was decided that due to the poor state of the mechanical drive linkage on the existing burner and the obsolete control panel, an upgrade was viable.

JBC specified a Siemens LMV digital control system and ABB variable speed drive as the best option to save a forecasted 5% against the fuel bill, plus at least 2% off the boiler power consumption. A replacement control panel was designed and manufactured by JBC. All wiring and mechanical modifications were carried out in order to enable these works.

The conversion was completed within one week and commissioned on both natural gas and light oil. A full handover to the customer including the relevant training was carried out. Substantial savings on gas have been recorded by eliminating the worn mechanical linkages and installing the variable speed drive which increased the burner turndown ratio from 4:1 to 6:1.

Tangerine’s engineering manager said:

“We are astounded at the savings. They are beyond our expectations. We estimate that despite an increase in production the savings are between 10 and 12%”. 

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