Thermal Oil

A thermal oil boiler creates energy by heating a coil via radiation and convection.

Normally high temperatures require high operating pressures, but thermal oil provides high temperatures at atmospheric pressure. The temperature can also be adjusted to the requirements of the process been undertaken. Another advantage is that there is no heat loss through hot condensation, meaning efficiency is both reliable and economical, with very low maintenance required.

The coil heats up the thermal oil which is pumped through the boiler. In turn the thermal oil acts as a heat carrier in various heat exchangers.

A thermal oil boiler is cheaper and easier to operate and doesn’t suffer from corrosion, lime deposits and scale, common within heated water or steam boilers. Nor does it require make up water or efficiency draining steam traps.

It is ideal for heating crude oil, food processing, blending, jacketed vessels, in-line gas, natural gas and bulk liquid storage.

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