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Thursday September 20 2018

10 years ago, an industrial container boiler was designed and built by JBC and available for customers to hire. The container boiler was subsequently hired by one of our long-standing customers where it remained for 6 years. In fact, the customer was so pleased with its performance that they eventually purchased it outright for their site in Wisbech.

Then due to relocation to larger and better quality premises, the Wisbech site was closed! Without a purpose anymore, the container boiler was shut down for the next 4 years.

Fast forward to 2018 and our customer decided to re-invest in the container with a major refurbishment and conversion to dual fuel and move it onto another one of its sites further afield in Grantham.

And so, the adventure continues, as it left our premises this morning, complete with j-prep, descaling, refractory work, replacement valves and studs, new pipework and now equipped with the capacity for dual fuel in both oil and gas, enabling it to be ready to continue its journey with its very own happy ever after!

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