Service Agreements

Our focus is preventative maintenance and the efficient and reliable operation of a boiler throughout its life cycle. Concentrating entirely on servicing clients needs, JBC provide a varied scale of contract maintenance, bespoke to customer requirements. Such contracts range from one burner service per year, to daily boiler house checks and full product support over a five year fixed contract period.

Minimising the likelihood of breakdown and costly disruption to production by pinpointing potential component failure, we provide a cost effective reliable service to clients conscious of expensive outages and production losses by incorporating statutory annual inspection and non destructive test with the burner maintenance programme.

On completion of a service visit, the engineer will supply a detailed report including:

A dynamic risk assessment | Summary of work carried out | Faults, leaks or damage found | Setting of safety interlocks and control equipment | Combustion data | Emissions data

The engineer will offer ongoing continual assessment of your plant as part of a detailed engineers report and evaluate and recommend upgrade packages to support the life of the boiler and ancillary equipment.


Programme of work to suit the client | Contract client priority status | Beneficial labour rates | Technical support