Warm Air

JBC have the expertise to design, install and service warm air radiant heating systems bespoke to customer’s requirements for both the industrial and commercial market.

Warm air heating is available in a choice of either shelf mounted, free standing or suspended systems, dependent upon the size of the space to be heated and the purpose of the heater.

Both natural gas and LPG fired heaters offer high efficiency, low fuel consumption and low carbon emissions and offer ideal space saving solutions. They range from 15kw to 140kw and can be modulated for more efficiency and fuel cost savings.

Warm air heating systems have a fully automatic spark ignition and fan assisted flue system, with a stainless steel heat exchanger.


Another alternative is the ‘Ambirand radiant tube’ warm air system, where the combustion occurs entirely in the firing tube. This is ideal for high air infiltration and provides a temperature distribution that generates a more even floor coverage. The beauty of radiant heat is that it warms all surfaces and people through infrared waves that is directed downwards to a low level by reflectors. This in turn creates a comfortable, all round warmth.

Ambirand have a rapid heat up time and minimum roof heat loss, making them highly efficient, with huge potential to reduce energy costs, with potential savings of up to 65% on fuel costs. This advanced burner also emits very low NOx emissions. A further advantage is that temperatures and operating times can be adjusted to suit the conditions.

They are available as standard vs range U tube heaters in either single linear or double linear models and are easy to operate.

Speak to our team, who will advise you of the best option for your business and provide a quality installation and maintenance service with ongoing support when you need it.