Pre-heated Combustion Air

pre-heated combustion air

For fuel-fired industrial heating processes, one of the best ways to improve efficiency and productivity is to preheat the combustion air going to the burners. The source of this heat energy is the exhaust gas stream, which leaves the process at elevated temperatures.

A heat exchanger, placed in the exhaust stack or ductwork, can extract a large portion of the thermal energy in the flue gases and transfer it to the incoming combustion air. Recycling heat this way will reduce the amount of the purchased fuel needed by the furnace.

There are two types of air preheaters: recuperators and regenerators.

Recuperators are gas-to-gas heat exchangers placed on the furnace stack. Internal tubes or plates transfer heat from the outgoing exhaust gas to the incoming combustion air while keeping the two streams from mixing.

Regenerators include two or more separate heat storage sections, each referred to as a regenerator. Flue gases and combustion air take turns flowing through each regenerator, alternately heating the storage medium and then withdrawing heat from it. For uninterrupted operation, at least two regenerators and their associated burners are required: one regenerator is needed to fire the furnace while the other is recharging. 

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