Low temperature hot water boilers reduce energy and save money as well as the environment, through reduced carbon emissions. They produce hot water for space heating, general hot water or occasional industrial processes at 90 degrees celcius or below. Applications include radiators, convectors, heating systems used with conventional boilers, high efficiency boilers, condensing boilers and combination boilers.

It is used primarily for heating or producing hot water. New condensing boilers which replace very old hot water boilers can achieve efficiencies of over 90%.

Boilers which are serviced and maintained can achieve an additional 10% in energy savings.

JBC can find savings in existing systems through boiler and pipework insulation, new retrofit controls and flue gas heat recovery systems. As the leading independent, JBC will give you unbiased advise based on the heating demand of your site.

One o the most effective ways to improve performance is through controls. Burner controls manage fuel to air ratio which is critical to efficiency. It is also responsible for the boiler interlock (room thermostat link), sequence control (the minimum number of boilers required to meet demand) and optimized start and stop controls. Controls can also have a energy management system which will change the heat output according to the temperature of the weather conditions on an ongoing basis.

Regular maintenance will prevent a drop in efficiency and prolong the life expectancy of the equipment. Our experienced engineers will also be able to identify potential problems and take remedial action before it impacts on the performance of the equipment.

A JBC service includes flue gas analysis, operational and calibration checks, control inspection, cleaning and lime scale treatment.