JBC Mechanical Services had only 12 hours to remove an existing steam meter at Leeds General Infirmary and install all the new pre-fabricated spools and valves, including 2 x 12” parallel slide valves with a bleed valve arrangement in its place and an 8” tee off the line with a further 2 x 8” parallel slide valves to allow an inlet point when the temporary boilers went on line.

Mechanical & Boiler Services New Fleet

JBC have invested in three new vehicles for our Mechanical Supervisors, Dan Thornes and Jack Tew and our Boiler Team Supervisor, Kev Stephenson. All are now equipped with the skills, experience and equipment to support your Mechanical and Servicing requirements. Pictured here with the new fleet and our new apprentices Matthew and Jack and our National Business Manager, Matthew Schofield.