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JBC Go 100% Digital

Friday August 5 2022

JBC Go Digital 2022

We aren’t just about helping other businesses with their decarbonisation objectives. Much closer to home, we have our own sustainability ethos and decarbonisation strategy, which is very much an important part of our operations.

And as part of our sustainability values, we’ve invested time, money and effort into a brand new all-digital initiative that launched on 1st August.  And it’s something that will benefit us, our customers, and the environment.

What is ‘100% Digital’?

Since we founded over 40 years ago our teams in the office, on the road, and our customers have had a lot of paperwork to read, fill-in, sign, and manage.  Plotting our routes to customer sites have been pretty standard too.

Customer updates, and internal job updates have always been a manual process. So, as a business that embraces change – we knew there was a slicker, more efficient and greener way of operating. Adhering to the critical Gas Safe regulations was a time consuming and highly detailed part of a job too. Something that needed some streamlining without compromise.

So, in collaboration with BigChange on their JobWatch software, everything we used to do will now be done intelligently and digitally. Via tablets, apps and online.

JBC Go Digital 2022

Will it make much difference?

Yes, it’s a huge shift change in our process. It’ll also make a big difference to our efficiencies, productivity, and our contributions to a better environment.

  • We can plan our travel better
  • Heavy admin will be a thing of the past.
  • The on-site customer experience and journey will be greater
  • All job updates will be instant
  • Paper? What paper? We’ll be using tens of thousands less sheets of paper each year.

It falls in line with the work we’re doing to make managing every job and every customer’s experience slicker, quicker, and greener. 

What’s changing?

To begin with, gas safe compliance status paperwork is now tighter and completed in a fraction of the time. Our engineers on the road will be armed with their own tablet to fill in site reports and inspections simply by swiping and tapping.

It’ll benefit our customers too. Instead of filling in and putting their signature to several documents they’ll just need to sign the tablet once. That’ll completely sign the work off, and they’ll get an electronic copy of their report. We have a target of becoming a 100% paper-free company, and our commitment to reducing the amount of paper we use will increase greatly week by week.

The way our teams travel around the country will be planned in a way that ensures they guzzle less gas, shave miles off their journey time to you, and reduce their carbon emissions considerably.

Lastly, but just as importantly, it’s better for our staff in the office. They’ll get instant access to all work and will have less fiddly admin to perform. Improving how they update people, and complete a job file down.

Exciting times

We’re excited about JBC’s digital future. We’ve made huge time and financial commitments to get this project off the ground and our team have played a huge part in getting this right. 

As a proud Yorkshire based company, we launched and rolled-out the project on 1st August, 2022 – Yorkshire Day. And we’re already seeing the benefits of going 100% digital.

Need to talk to us about how we can help with your decarbonisation strategy? Contact us now.

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