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JBC – A Climate Positive Difference

Wednesday March 1 2023

JBC Ecologi Sustainability

As many of our clients know, here at JBC Industrial Services LTD we are fully committed to doing our bit for the environment . And we’ve been committed to being a climate-positive company for over two years.

We’re not just ticking boxes when we do that either. In fact, the difference we’ve made in that time has been quite remarkable, and we feel like blowing our own trumpet (into the nice, clean air!) about it.

In 2022, we became fully digital in the way we worked out our planning and our travel, in our on-site processes and in our office too. As well as cutting down admin time for our own staff and clients, and saving reams of paper every week, we’ve managed to cut our mileage down considerably. In doing this, we’ve offset our carbon emissions so much that, at the last count, we’d offset a staggering 357 tonnes of emissions.

JBC Ecologi Sustainability

But what does that mean?

Well, 357 tonnes of carbon emissions equate to:

  • 274 long-haul flights
  • 4973 trees planted
  • 1,073m² sea-ice saved
  • Travelling 887,000 miles in a car.

We also saved 4,646 trees from being cut down by going 100% digital in 2022. And planning our travel better which has cut mileage down considerably.

In addition, we’ve funded 38 world-wide green projects hoping to make a global impact. This includes Onshore wind energy generation in Taiwan and generating over 500,000mwh of electricity annually from wind power in Thailand.

Sustainable journey

Our journey to becoming more sustainable hasn’t stopped there though.

JBC Ecologi Sustainability

Those results have been helped by changing our vehicle fleet over to fully electric; something we’ve achieved way ahead of schedule. We’ve covered 22,338 business miles so far in 2023, which has reduced our Co2 emissions by 5.6 tonnes on the road alone.

You may have seen our Tesla post on LinkedIn at the end of 2022, when our Service Engineer’s took delivery of their EV’s. That delivery was part of a long line of electric car consignments we’ll be receiving over the next two years.

JBC Ecologi Sustainability
JBC Be Green

So, when you’re choosing to work with JBC Industrial Services, you’re choosing to work with an environmentally conscious company. And you improve your CO2 footprint in doing so. Then, when we come to your site and make recommendations for a more efficient way of using your energy to your Decarbonisation Strategy, the clear blue skies are the limit.

If you want to feel climate positive, contact JBC today to discuss how we can help you move forward with your decarbonisation strategy. Contact us now.

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