Compliance, reduced costs & maximum efficiency in one system, across multiple assets or sites!

What it is?

'Halo' is a boilerhouse monitoring system which uses analogue, digital and mod bus outputs to provide a critical overview into asset performance.

How does it work?

Fuel, water, steam and power are monitored in real time with 'Halo' delivering consumption and cost per kg of steam raised. Through OPEX, 'Halo' accurately predicts real time cost savings through precise monitoring of energy use at any time.

The instant alarm facility notifies engineers of potential problems or failures. This is an essential feature which allows for an immediate response to minimise costly downtime in production lead environments or interruptions to critical processes.

In a steam raising environment, 'Halo' is most effective when coupled to a BG01 prepared steam boiler but can be adapted to most boiler arrangements.

There are three service levels available, providing versatility to suit customers requirements which include a complete 24/7 service, 365 days a year from our expert engineers.