Group Contracts

Our experienced staff have years of experience in industrial engineering and are always accessible to advise and answer any queries you may have. As our reputation has grown throughout the industry, customers now have the trust and confidence to place their group business in our safe hands.

This has proved advantageous to both the customer and ourselves, as working in partnership allows us to understand your business needs and apply these principles across the entire group. Familiarity with your working practices and service requirements allow us to work quickly and efficiently in a well planned service schedule, tailored to your production requirements.

Furthermore, JBC professionals will advise you on potential savings through energy efficiency solutions, upgrades and notify you of potential problems through regular maintenance before they effect production.

In the event of any breakdown, JBC guarantee to be with you within 4 hours of your call, wherever you are in the country and for your peace of mind, offer this invaluable service 24/7, 365 days of the year.

In an industry where the expertise of individuals is paramount, JBC have a team of talented engineers with a vast amount of experience and knowledge. These specialised skills have attracted customers such as Tangerine Confectionary, Moy Park and SCA and our proven ability continues these successful partnerships to grow year after year.