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Friday April 15 2016

Andy McCaslin, Operations Supervisor from Dalkia thank JBC on behalf of Eli Lilly after their successful Ecosafe upgrade …

‘Both I and the Op-techs on site are impressed with the panel and it’s easy of operation. The functions are easy to use and the level of information has made fine tuning the system very straight forward.

I was also impressed with the turn down ratio of the burner, the minimum steam output is now 1.5t/hr, this compared with the old controls of 2.7t/hr. this will save the burners cutting in and out at our minimum steam output of 12t/hr with 1 boiler at 100% and boiler 5 at low fire.

I have also seen a big saving in electrical load. Each FD fan is rated at 15kW. At low fire the load is now 2kW and high fire 6.8kW. At low fire the potential saving will be £1624 per month. And a minimum saving should the burner run at high fire of £1024 per month.
Pay back well within 2 years.
The burners are also a lot quieter, this makes life a lot more tolerable for the staff and visitors.
Your staff all operated safely and politely during the upgrade, they possessed a good knowledge of the system. They all reported well keeping me and the team updated regularly.’ 

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