Digital Combustion Control - The facts:

  • CO2 emission reduction by 1-2% and oxygen emission reduction by 1-2%. Reductions in CO2 and Oxygen are an integral benefit of installing the Ecosafe combustion control system.
  • Electrical cost savings of up to 50% can be achieved, with the installation of VSD (Variable Speed Drive) control to FD (Forced Draught) Rom.
  • Further savings of 6-8% are achieved on fuel savings.
  • 1% efficiency improvement on tighter fuel air ratio, increasing turndown dependent on the load.
  • Less breakdowns, so minimum downtime.
  • Ecosafe installation will help your company work toward a CSR policy, Green Policy and Green Legislation compliance, promoting positive publicity.

Your expert combustion engineers will carry out a Free Energy Audit so you can see exactly how much you will save. A facts and figures, hassle-free audit will give you information to take to your Board of Directors. You may also be eligible for ‘Carbon Trust’ funding.