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Ecosafe Water Level Expansion Unit

NOW AVAILABLE!  – Ecosafe Water Level Expansion Unit

‘Award Winning’, Ecosafe Digital Combustion Controls, now has a water level expansion unit as part of its inventory. 

The unit can be retrofitted to ‘Ecosafe’ and is an enhanced upgrade of the highest quality for the water level system of customers who have previously installed the ‘Ecosafe’ system or are awaiting its installation.

This unit provides expansion for a fully integrated burner control system, specifically tailored for industrial burners. It includes the facility for drum level control in single, two or three element feed water control and safety level interlocks. 

The boiler water quality can be controlled using blow-down at the surface and bottom of the drum and configured as timed intervals or via a TDS measurement made by connecting a probe to the controller.

The system simplifies installation, integration and operation of the elements, increasing overall flexibility in the process and offering improved safety.

key Benefits

  • Additional fail safe digital input channels to enhance input capabilities.
  • Boiler water control options to enable water level control and additional water level limit control.
  • Water level measurement and checking by performing regular comparison checks to ensure both probes are given the same level, with a lockout and ‘off’setting if levels differ too much.
  • Functions can be monitored on a touch-screen HMI option from the menu.
  • The control page will show graphical representation of water level sight glass, system values trend graphs and the status of feed water pumps, blow-down valves and the TDS level.
  • Water level control options for both on/off and modulating water level control as either a constant feed pump with flow controlled by a modulating feed valve or feed water flow controlled by  variable speed feed water pump.
  • Blow-down control for ‘total dissolved solids (TDS) and timed blow-down for water surface and boiler bottom.
  • Critical boiler drum level (feed-water) control to avoid low drum levels, uncovering smoke or water tubes, thus exposing them to heat stress and damage and high drum levels which risk water carry over into the steam header causing damage.
  • Control strategies for single (drum only), two (drum and steam) and three (level control performance by introducing a feed-water flow control loop for quicker responses to variances).
  • Economiser Display showing inlet and exit temperatures.
  • Boiler water control sensors dedicated to boiler water level probes and TDS sensors
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