Technical Excellence

Our Technical Director, Geoff Sutcliffe is at the forefront of technology and invests both time and money into looking into more efficient, energy saving solutions for the industry. This has resulted in substantial savings for customers as well as a vast reduction in emissions. Ecosafe is just one of the many innovative and energy saving solutions offered by JCB.

Ecosafe Benefits

Ecosafe is flexible and scalable, with the systems been easy to upgrade and additional systems added as the need arises and budgets permit.

Sequencing Facilities:

The Ecosafe system is very flexible and ideal for more than one boiler operation

- Sequenced burners = more efficient running of boiler systems

Easy Software Interface:

  • EcoSafe software can easily interface with existing networks, including software packages SCADA, MODBUS, and Profibus.
  • Extra fuel is saved by increased turn down, reducing operational cycle times
  • There is no downtime, time-sapping, re-training or setting up during the transition to an EcoSafe system. You are up and running quickly and efficiently.
  • Safety is increased by continuously self checking gas pressures, flame signals and servo motor positions.

Health & Safety:

  • Ecosafe complies to all current legislation and the continuous self-checking and monitoring functionality (checking/monitoring gas valve proving, emissions, linkages, VSD speeds, gas pressures etc.) further improves all safety aspects.
  • Brings your existing equipment up to SIL3 compliance
  • Ecosafe brings peace of mind and lowers the risk of any aspects stepping out of the agreed performance criteria.
  • Makes it possible for a boiler house to be unmanned by providing PN5 capability and future PN5 upgrades.

Improved Fault Diagnosis:

  • Touchscreen technology allows for a larger capacity of fault-viewing information – up to 99 listings on a keypad and virtually unlimited on a touchscreen.
  • You are in better touch with your system, including its performance and areas to address, enabling all your burner management information to be viewable and accessible.
  • Provides real fault diagnosis information for you to assess.
  • Delivers continuous, Self-Checking and Monitoring Functionality (checking/monitoring gas valve proving, emissions, linkages, VSD speeds and gas pressures) to improve all safety aspects of your system, ensuring you have -
  • Consistent operation and
  • Guaranteed repeatability

Secure Software & Data back-up:

  • Your Ecosafe engineers will save your data to a secure, central server, guaranteeing immediate retrieval should a problem arise.
  • Any potential problem will be diagnosed immediately, so you have less down time for your operational activity.

Ethernet Connectivity:

For your peace of mind, you have access to data 24/7 and your burner/boiler plant can be remotely accessed wherever you are in the world for instant fault-finding, depending on the network setup for the client.

Boiler House Monitoring:

  • Ecosafe systems include a comprehensive system of alarms on all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as emissions, valves, pressures, individual component usage checks and drift on settings.
  • Touchscreen technology allows for four individual programmed alarm outputs or a common alarm to cover them all.
  • Ecosafe Systems run at a minimum cost and maximum output efficiency 24/7.