Product Applications

  • Suitable for single and dual fuel burners.
  • Steam, water, heating and process applications.
  • Twin furnace boiler applications.
  • Up to 10 servo motors can be assigned allowing complex applications to be addressed.
  • Control of two variable speed drives for combustion air and fuel pump control.
  • Draught control
  • Suitable for low NOx flue gas recirculation and firing of ‘exotic’ fuels.
  • Local modulation using Ecosafe or third party boiler temperature or pressure sensors and two internal PID controllers.
  • Up to 4 fuel/air ratio profiles can be programmed.
  • Programmable 24/7
  • CANbus communications between controllers, actuators, displays and peripherals simplifies wiring.
  • Choice of communications protocols including RS-485, Profibus and Modbus.
  • Versatile programming options allow most applications to be addressed.
  • Oxygen trim option using dedicated oxygen probe and interface.
  • Interfaces to third party flame safeguards.
  • Can be used with Ecosafe ComView supervision and communications software.

Once your order is placed, you will have your installation within 4 weeks, so you can quickly reap the benefits and cost savings.