Ecosafe – The System

JBC believe in forging close partnerships with our clients and excel at recognising their boiler house needs. By working closely together, we understood your needs for boiler combustion control, which led to the initial research and development behind the Ecosafe concept.

The result was electronic digital controls for industrial steam boilers and burners, specifically designed for boiler retrofit applications as part of the burner control system. The system facilitated more precision on the fuel air ratio controller, reduced emissions and made impressive savings on cost.

Ecosafe is accredited to 'Carbon Trust', a company dedicated to cutting carbon emissions and costs. JBC customers may be eligible for carbon Trust funding. Contact 'Carbon Trust' for more details here.

Ecosafe Benefits

The real benefit will be the huge potential in fuel efficiency and significant cost savings, with a return on investment within 18 months, with one of our clients seeing system payback in just 9 months!

The Ecosafe retrofit burner management system improves existing equipment performance, virtually eliminating hysteresis associated with mechanical systems and the need for a costly investment in the purchase of a new burner or boiler.  Ecosafe is a retrofit combustion controller and will work on your existing set-up and equipment to improve efficiency.