Commercial Heating

Commercial heating is ideal for factories, offices, warehouses and hospitals. In fact, any where there is a large space to be heated. There is a range of commercial solutions available, depending on the heating demands of your business and selecting the right system is vital in order to keep costs down.

Some systems will require the precision of a particular temperature. This can be achieved with fan heaters or radiant heaters.

Fans are ideal to boost the temperature without pre-heating and allows for a more flexible heating solution. The fans are designed to heat ambient air in a specific space and can be wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling or portable units.

Radiant heating, transmits infra-red energy through the air and is converted into heat when absorbed by solid objects. In this respect it is highly efficient, providing instant heat and low running costs.

Gas and oil fired systems make use of warm air heaters and offers an efficient heat transfer to the air with high efficiency as the burners achieve operational sequencing designed for high combustion and fuel efficiency. They are available in high to low fire, dependent on the usage and can be adapted to numerous applications. More advanced units offer management systems or control panels for more control and efficiency. Central heating boilers are designed to match the demands of the space to be heated.

JBC will advise, design, source, install and offer a tailor-made service and maintenance contract to ensure the functionality of your equipment is fuel efficient and relevant to the needs of your business.