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Sunday September 20 2020

Another job well done by The JBC team.

Sometimes, we’re our customer’s fourth emergency service.  But when one of the main three get in touch with you in their hour of need, you know you need to give them the same service as you’d expect from them…

The Brief

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue got in touch with us, to tell us about a problem at their training HQ in Birkenshaw, West Yorkshire.

They had an issue with dual pipe leaks on 2 sets of old, worn expansion bellows. They’d been leaking for over six months and needed urgent attention.  There was also a curveball that meant we couldn’t access the pipes in the most straight-forward pathway.  There was an obstruction, and we had to work around that to solve the problem.

The Challenge

West Yorkshire Fire Service Repair

It wasn’t just the repair we needed to get right on this one. We were asked to avoid breaking through the part of the floor which would be the easiest way to make the fix, due to the Officers Mess President’s Plaque lying beneath it. So our team carefully considered, analysed and calculated the right solution.

We carried out a detailed risk assessment, with a lot of dialogue between communication with the customer, were able to access the duct to isolate, drain and repair the leak successfully.

Then, the repairs are in a tricky location. So Team JBC used crimp fittings, so the parts could be pre-assembled and measured before entry into the duct. That enabled is to create an accurate cut. And we also added a union to bring both sides of the repair together easily.

The Result

We managed to pull this off quite easily in the end. And we also evaded the need to remove flooring so that President’s Plaque was never in any danger.

Dual isolation was installed across either side of the bellows, ensuring local positive isolation if future problems may arise. 

We were pleased with the job we’d done, but so were West Yorkshire Fire Station.

They said: “On behalf of WYF&RS I would like to formally thank you and your team for your efforts to fix the leak within the service duct last Thursday, the work was completed as planned and without issue. Ian, Andy and Adrian were a credit to your organisation, their conduct was professional and courteous and addressed issues with a positive can-do attitude.”

When you receive feedback as good as that, you know you’ve done a great job.

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