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Friday May 29 2020

JBC were contacted by a major food manufacturer to replace existing and outdated Hamworthy HFO burners installed on a Wellman 3 pass steam boiler rated 30,000pph and two Cochran Wee Chieftain 25,000pph boilers.

The existing burners had a turn down of 3.5:1 on oil which subsequently added to boiler recycling and maintenance issues.

The new Oilon burners have Variable Speed Drive’s operating the FD fan giving around a 50% saving on the running of electrical costs for the burners. On top of this, a state of the art ‘Ecosafe’ Digital Burner Management System delivered further savings of around 1%.

The 30,000pph Beel and Robey boiler, was upgraded to the new Oilon GKP1000M. For the Cochran Wee Cheiftain, the Oilon GKP700M was chosen. All the new Oilon upgrades achieved a turndown of up to 10:1 on gas and 4:1 on oil, generating fuel savings of up to 5%.

The new burners achieved a high combustion efficiency through accurate fuel/air mix, alongside a high turndown ratio, resulting in low excess oxygen levels across the full turndown range. On top of this the burners provided ease of maintenance and service, as well as high efficiency and low noise operation.

An additional benefit was the use of a constant velocity combustion head, which maintained the air flow velocity throughout the firing range and optimized the O2 levels. The modulation allowed the burners to operate safely at 02 levels of less than 2% at high fire on gas through to 3.5% at low fire, without the creation of CO.

Further savings of 1% in fuel were achieved by installing an ‘oxygen trim’ system.

The new equipment is estimated to save the company a substantial amount with a very quick Capital repayment.

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