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Raising a Glass to Another Successful Project: Royal Brackla Replacement LPG Burner.

Tuesday February 21 2023

Royal Brackla Premises

It’s always a pleasure to be asked to carry out work for a prestigious company.  So, when FloGas got in touch about an installation of a replacement burner for Royal Brackla, we were more than happy to oblige.

Royal Brackla distillery is a Highland Scotch whisky distillery on the Cawdor Estate in Scotland. It’s operated by John Dewar & Sons Ltd for Bacardi, and it’s one of an elite group of just three distilleries granted permission to use the ‘Royal’ title.

So, it’s a prestigious and highly thought of client. And JBC were chosen for the removal of an old Oil only burner, to be replaced with a cleaner LPG fuel burner…

The Brief

With decarbonisation in mind, Royal Brackla were looking at reducing their emissions and save fuel costs at their distillery in Nairn. They had an old Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO) burner, and needed a new, more efficient burner to be installed in its place.  

They asked us to install a new Oilon LPG burner. This would offer them a greener boiler house from the very start. And that’s something that we regularly achieve for clients.

Royal Brackla LPG Burner 2

The Solution

Initially, our project team were in touch with the premises management team at Royal Brackla to find out a little bit about the site. They wanted to work out the full scope of requirement and installation methodology. 

With a conversion from oil taking place, understanding the furnace was important. This enabled them to ensure there’d be no issues with the emissions or a new burner.  They also had to consider the design of the boilers. The wrong type may have meant they weren’t suitable for gas firing.

Thankfully, after our site inspection, we were able to go ahead with the installation of the new burner, but not before identifying some other areas where Royal Brackla could save energy costs.

We suggested that to coincide with the Oilon Burner, EcoSafe controls should also be installed. This would give them a better turndown ratio, and more efficient oxygen readings. And they’d also benefit from a burner motor with a variable speed drive.

The Result

The installation went smoothly, and after testing we found the burner was firing up perfectly.

The EcoSafe controls have given a new direction to Royal Brackla in operating the burner. Energy savings began as soon as install was complete, and they also started saving on electricity too. That was thanks to the variable speed drive on the burner motor.

Once again for JBC, this LPG Burner project proved to be a successful job. And it was also a result that our client was very happy with.

Royal Brackla LPG Burner 2

For efficiency saving advice, more about LPG Burners; or to find ask about the services that JBC Industrial Services provide, contact us now on 0113 220 3830 or email us at info@infojbcmail.co.uk

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