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Friday May 29 2020

The Problem:

The existing boilers were inefficient and outdated and were expensive to run, especially when compared against the new state of the art alternatives.

The Solution and its Benefits:

The existing Lochinvar hot water boiler was removed and replaced with a new Lochinvar natural gas Ecocharger condensing water heater, along with an unvented system kit, concentric vertical flue assembly and extension.

The Ecocharger has a high operating efficiency of up to 98%, as well as lower fuel consumption and running costs. It also complies with the newest ErP regulations with low NOx emissions and fast recovery hot water.

Following this, Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax mk3 condensing boilers were also supplied and installed. This boiler gives 40 degree celcius temperature differentials to maximise the condensing performance, saving fuel and reducing costs. It comes with an integral built in sequence control and heating circuit management options, removing the need for separate boiler controls.

The close load matching, alongside a pre-mix fully modulating gas burner can turn down from 100% to 20% to enable boiler modules to be controlled to match up with fluctuating thermal loads within buildings.

The space saving devices can be stacked on top of each other and an air inlet filter keeps the combustion air and burner free of dirt particles which improves reliability.

Following the installs, the new boilers were connected up to the existing system and power supply with pipework modifications required to suit, before been tested and commissioned by our engineers.

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