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Friday May 29 2020

The Problem

The existing burners were obsolete and were proving more difficult to repair and source components. Furthermore, on an operating level, they were inefficient and expensive to run.

The Solution

A modern and more efficient process burner was recommended with the capability of achieving up to a 10-1 turndown on the burner, alongside a new temperature controller which allowed for greater process efficiency.

JBC engineers removed the existing combustion equipment and prepared the ovens for burner mounting. Once the burners were mounted, there were gas supply pipework modifications required, along with further mechanical and electrical connections.

The Benefits

Installation of the latest burner design and a state ratio control system will bring fuel savings in the region of 20%. Also, due to rapid fault diagnostics, there will be less downtime. 

Furthermore, better nozzle design and close combustion control will allow lower emissions and as most parts are compatible with the existing units on the site there shouldn’t be a need to stock many parts.

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