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Friday May 29 2020

Sanofi Aventis had previously received its essential services from neighbouring site Rhodia Chemicals. The advised closure of Rhodia meant that Sanofi needed to establish its own services plants in order to make the site independent. Dalkia utilities won the bidding for the intended work using our mechanical and electrical prices for the provision of a new boilerplant (2 x 5’000kg/hr. steam boilers, one of which was also a waste heat boiler), gas engine, LTHW heat recovery, effluent plant, sprinkler storage tank and pumphouse. We also installed new site compressed air and towns water supplies.

The existing steam and condensate recovery systems on site were for the most part reversed from their previous operating orientation. To assist with proving the new plant before final disconnection of the Rhodia supplies, we completed valved cross connections at the various condensate recovery locations. This enabled the recovery pumping stations to pump condensate to either the existing Rhodia site or to the new energy centre.

It also made the final changeover to the new system a simple operation. Other essential services were connected to their respective existing systems with the minimum of disruption. Boilers, engine, chimney and sprinkler storage tank were free issued by Dalkia.

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