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Friday May 29 2020

Steam accumulator

JBC were awarded the order to supply a new steam accumulator, steam charging and export systems. In addition, we installed three new stainless steel cooling water circuits from free issue cooling towers to a new Press. Most of the services were pre-fabricated off site and installed at high level in the factory without causing disruption to the daily operation of the factory.

Retrofit Digital Combustion

JBC carried out a free boiler house energy audit that gleaned specific areas where substantial savings could be made, these included;

• Badly worn mechanical burner control linkages and cams
• FD dampers were rarely opened beyond 50%.

• Control panel was in a very poor state and obsolete

JBC put forward a proposal to;
• Convert the burners to gas firing only
• Replace the obsolete mechanical modulation system to a

Siemens LMV system
• Replace the obsolete control panel
• Install a variable speed drive to the FD fan

Each boiler was converted individually over a five day period. Savings are still being assessed but early indications are showing 5-7% minimum plus 120 tonne per annum CO2 reduction. The return on investment is 22 months. 

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