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Mechanical Services Getting On-Site Quickly…in Germany

Friday November 18 2022

A trip to Europe beckoned for JBC Industrial Service recently when a customer asked if we could carry out some maintenance work at short notice. In Germany!

Mechanical Services H&H Celcon

The Brief

We got a call into the office from a long-standing client H&H Celcon, who needed some good, reliable support at a site in Germany.

It was their autoclaves.  They required some welding support to repair some existing pipework and carry out the installation of new pipework too. 

Sounds straight forward, right? 

Well, these things don’t come without their challenges. And, because there was a small shutdown period on-site when the work needed to be carried out, they needed a team to head out there quickly. 

And it wasn’t just a jump in the van and go kind of thing! International logistics takes a bit of working out.  Step up, our Mechanical Services team…

Mechanical Services H&H Celcon

The Solution

With the short notice in mind, our Mechanical Services department grabbed hold of this one and jumped into action straight away. They were in direct contact with our customer and taking a detailed brief. That included a full rundown of the situation, the issues they were currently facing, and the work they believed needed carrying out.

As soon as the team got off the phone, they analysed the requirements, identifying a course of action. That involved working in conjunction with one of our strategic partners, who we know have experience in attending emergency work overseas.  Importantly, we also knew they could complete a job to the standards that we expect at JBC Industrial Services Ltd.

So, within minutes of relaying the brief to them, the wheels were in motion. Within three days an experienced engineering team arrived on site in Germany, working as part of an international welding and pipefitting operation.

Mechanical Services H&H Celcon

The Result

The repair and installation scope of works were completed with the allocated fortnight. And the client was also impressed with the quality of work.

They also praised the professionalism of the team we sent out there. In fact, they were so impressed that requested the team stay in Germany for a further two weeks. Their assistance would allow them to complete all works that they were carrying out. Not just what we’d originally been briefed on. Our team’s flexibility and willingness to help meant that wouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks to a collective involvement from JBC’s Mechanical Services team and our strategic partner’s assistance, the project was completed on time, and in-full. As is the norm.

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