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Friday May 29 2020

The boilers and burners for Bentley Motors factory in Cheshire are maintained by JBC through our service department in Warrington. The site has 4 x 30’000lbs/hr. and 1 x 50’000/hr. steam boilers with burners upgraded by JBC, incorporating digital controls, variable speed drives and O2 trim. The contract allows for two service visits per year ensuring the burners are kept in full working order and minimising the risk of unexpected breakdown. JBC also include as part of the contract Nox & Sox emissions checks.

In addition to the maintenance contract, JBC Mechanical Services have completed a series of Mechanical upgrades to the boilerhouse.

Replacement of heavy fuel oil tank and ring main.

Using  HFO required constant heated storage. As a secondary fuel the system had become ineffective so a cost effective solution was sourced. JBC removed the HFO ring main and the pumping and heating sets. All associated pipework from the tank farm to each burner was removed and replaced with a new purpose built double skinned 50’000lt light oil fuel tank. A new pumping set and ring main was installed and the existing Hamworthy burners were converted to run on light fuel oil. The new system means that savings are now been produced on both energy and cost. Once the works were completed, JBC carried out full commissioning.

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