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Friday May 29 2020

Two Oilon GP-450 LN Stream gas fired burners were installed and commissioned for one of our long-standing customers. The fully modulating burners were capable of firing up to 7000kg/hr. with a 6:1 turndown and were digitally controlled with O2 trim optimisation.

The burners themselves are ideal for those requiring low NOx emissions, especially in the wake of the new MCPD legislation which came into force in December 2017.

The burners were also fitted with a self-contained burner ‘Ecosafe’ Management System which will sequence up to four boilers through been retro fitted to the two existing units. Panels were supplied for the integration into BG01 arrangement 3 applications.

The ‘Ecosafe’ system virtually eliminated any inherent hysteresis through controlling the air and gas servos to 0.1 of a degree and running self-checks to ensure repeatability without any drifts.

With a tighter level of gas/air ratio control, the burner operated at lower oxygen levels, with an increased turndown ratio which resulted in substantial fuel savings as well as significant savings on electrical running costs due to the VSD optimising the FD fans speed in order to match the burners modulation.

Finally, ‘Ecosafe’ was added to the two remaining Hamworthy burners, giving the plant room massive reductions in both costs and emissions for the future.

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