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JBC and Stokvis Energy Systems collaboration to design, build, install and commission steam to DWH plate heat exchanger replacement

Monday December 18 2023

JBC and Stokvis were tasked to replace obsolescent and old equipment for enhanced technology and efficient solution.

The Brief

Located on site were two steam to DHW plate heat exchangers, old, leaking and containing some obsolescence risk on site.

The existing solution was a hybrid solution, historically pieced together by a 3rd party M&E using bare plate heat exchangers, along with a Stokvis controller.

An added challenge in this project was the lack of technical performance data or existing asset sizing. The client was also unable to provide a loading unit profile or any performance details to aid with sizing.

Utilising our existing technical knowledge, analysing the existing system and asset, along with use of industry recognised sizing software, we were able to calculate the existing KW of the units, therefore enabling a designed solution to be created.

This project required us to deliver a solution as a skid unit.

The Solution

Our Technical Solution engineering team designed and sized units capable to deliver 300KW of DHW each, containing a COPF / Hi Limit (AVF234SF132) and a fast acting modulation valve (AVM234SF132) mounted to two VUG040F304 two port valves. These were then mounted on skid frames that incorporated a condensate receiver built by JBC and contained the following TLV equipment:

TLV GT10L condensate powertrap, TLV Trap Station, TLV Ball Valve, TLV Quick Trap, TLV Bellows Sealed Stop Valve, TLV Strainer, TLV Gland Sealed Globe Valve, TLV Free Float Steam Trap, TLV Check Valve


Providing the client a fit for purpose designed solution, considering operating parameters to maximise performance, throughput and ensuring a cost effective solution.

Utilising industry leading equipment and ancillaries to drive optimum performance.

Strong collaborative project designed, built, installed and commissioned by JBC and Stokvis Energy Systems.

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