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Thursday May 28 2020

Phase 1

Prior to the installation of a new coffee roaster at Finlay’s, JBC Mechanical Services Department were invited to site to specify, plan and install the various services required.

The existing air and water pipework would obstruct the new installation and would require rerouting. Lee Robinson and Chris Bell installed replacement air and water pipework in a more convenient position.

Following a gas survey and throughput calculation to determine pipeline capacity, an additional branch was installed to supply the new roaster including secondary gas metering. 

Whilst maintaining production to the existing plant, tie ins were arranged during a planned site shutdown over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

All fabrication was completed off site at our Normanton workshop facility. 

Phase 2 

The fire suppression system to the roaster required upgrading, we installed a twin pump skid arrangement to replace the single pump. Which included a 560L buffer tank to which we installed a hi/lo level control system to work with the pumps and solenoid fill valve. 

During the installation of the coffee roaster by the Brazilian manufacturer, it became apparent they would require a helping hand with the installation. Andy Wilson and Ady Haigh spent approximately one month assisting with the install, working closely with the manufacturer to meet customer expectations, deadlines and commissioning dates. At times Andy and Ady completely reworked certain aspects of the manufacturer’s pipework design to the satisfaction of the Chief Engineer on site.

On completion of the upgraded pipework system, the Brazilian engineer who oversaw the install of their coffee roaster recommended that future pipework installs should be done using the same principles and high standards set by JBC!

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