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JBC inspire 62% cost saving for pharmaceutical manufacturer

Saturday July 9 2022


When our client, a leading healthcare business, took over a new site for the manufacture of a key pharmaceutical product, they were in urgent need of essential site support to continue manufacture.

The Problem

Our client had no infrastructure on site to support the manufacture of their new medical line. There was also a significant skills gap that was a serious cause for concern. The site required heat, and a safe and compliant installation, along with long-term operational support to enable the manufacture – and we delivered!

Solution and Outcome

Our client had already specified the installation of an electric fired boiler. We were quickly able to cost analyse this option in terms of operational expenditure and advise the client of an alternative cost-efficient solution.

We cut our client’s overall project costs by 62%. And we did this by providing a hire boiler running on gas oil, capable of providing steam and heating for both ambient temperatures and the heating of raw materials. And we also conducted pipework modifications to maintain necessary compliance.

Once the installation was complete, we enhanced our client’s operations by providing BOAS-accredited operational support three times per week. This ensured safe operations of the boiler and ancillary assets.

With expert knowledge of operational best practice, chemical testing and treatment and efficient ways of boiler control, we were able to maximise boiler performance. All whilst ensuring and safeguarding production. Our operational support excellence allowed for robust asset availability whilst maintaining Health and Safety best practices.

Training Our Clients, On-site

As an added value service, the JBC BOAS- accredited operational team continues to upskill and train our client’s on-site personnel. This crucial training enhances site knowledge, develops operational skills, improves boiler safety awareness and provides greater understanding on energyefficiency opportunities for the site.

Pipework Upgrades

Our on-site work has included significant modification to the pipework for more energy efficient performance, along with updating the site to PSSR2000 (Pressure Safety Systems Regulations 2000) standards for more compliant use.

We remained on-site throughout the year. And we were pleased be showcasing JBC’s diverse set of services and solutions. With our commitment to quality, we ensure we continue to find new ways to keep our clients in safe hands.

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