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Friday May 29 2020

Installation of 500mm Stainless Steel Pipework over the roof to a Repositioned Condenser.

The Problem:

A new machine needed to be installed where the condenser was currently situated. Therefore, the condenser and all corresponding pipework needed to be moved to a new location on site.

The Solution:

Installation of the brackets were done from the inside of the building prior to the install.

Once the brackets were installed, pre-fabricated sections of pipe were delivered to site on a 40-foot articulated wagon with a Hiab attached in order to lift each section onto the roof.

The larger cherry picker was used to access the sections and allow engineers to bolt them together without the need to leave the cherry picker. Additional harness with a double lanyard, ensured engineers were attached to either the cherry picker or the roof brackets at all times.

A deck tight was used to reseal the roof where the 500mm stainless steel pipework connected to the condenser. The vent and the drain from the condenser unit was also supplied and installed as part of the scope.

Once the install was complete, the process was thoroughly tested before the engineers left the customers site.

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