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Friday May 29 2020

The problem

The grower who is a major supplier to the food retail market required heating of its glass houses. The existing Saacke mechanical burner was no longer supported by the manufacturer and was proving difficult to maintain. It was also very inefficient

The solution

The critical design factor in achieving high combustion efficiency is the accurate fuel/air mix, combined with high turndown ratio’s which provide low excess oxygen levels across the full turndown range.

The specified Oilon burner has state of the art combustion design providing ease of maintenance and service, high efficiency and low noise operation.

A significant additional benefit is the use of a constant velocity combustion head which maintains the air flow velocity throughout the firing range, optimizing O2 levels, along with digital modulation to allow the burner to operate safely at O2 levels of less than 2% at high fire on gas through to 3.5% at low fire, without the creation of CO.

The Lamtec digital control system fitted to the burner virtually eliminated any inherent hysteresis by controlling the air and gas servos to o.1 of a degree and running self-checks to ensure repeatability without any drift.

Due to a tighter level of gas/air ratio control the burner operated at lower oxygen levels with an increase turn down ratio of 8:1 on gas and 4:1 for oil, achieving substantial fuel savings.

Substantial savings were also made in the electrical running costs due to the VSD optimising the FD fans speed to match the burners modulation.

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