Friday May 29 2020

The problem

Our pharmaceutical customer had a 10t/hr. CHP system which ran three 15t/hr. 3 pass boilers. The existing burners, despite been fitted with digital systems only achieved a 3 – 1 turn down, resulting in a low fire boiler output between 5.1t/hr. and 4.5t/hr. This meant that during the summer months the boiler was constantly restarting, resulting in high fuel costs and frequent repetition, meaning the components were more likely to breakdown.

The solution

The new ‘Oilon’ fully modulating dual fuel burners were prepared for variable speed drive and achieved up to a 10-1 turn down on gas and 4-1 turn down on oil, enabling a low fire boiler output of 1.5t/hr. This allowed the boilers to map the site load and greatly reduce burner cycling, as well as operating at reduced oxygen levels throughout the modulation range which resulted in fuel savings. The improved turn down meant the burners were monitored continuously, adjusting to the varying loads throughout the day.

Additional savings were achieved through ‘Ecosafe’, our digital burner management system with electronic modulating control to allow air/fuel ratio control of the air and fuel drives. This included motors for the air inlet damper and gas butterfly valve, giving an accuracy to 0.1 degrees angular.

A boiler mounted control panels for all the burners were pre-wired for all the primary components and existing SWA FD supply cable from the isolators to the boilers were replaced.