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Friday May 29 2020

The Problem

The customer required the replacement of their existing oil fired 16,000kg/hr steam boiler, manufactured in 1977. The insurance company would no longer insure the boiler due to the condition and the number of shell and tube repairs carried out over the previous years.

The Solution

A Cochran ST 37 LN steam boiler, rated at 10,000 kg/hr with a working pressure of 10.0 bar was supplied to match the current and future steam loads on site. Incorporated within the boiler is a flue gas economiser unit, designed to increase overall unit efficiency of up to 93.5% Nett (Gas firing) based on BS845 calculations and 80˚C feed water temperature. 

Combustion equipment selected for this application is the Oilon GP700M, low Nox burner incorporating JBC’s Ecosafe digital combustion control system. 

Additionally, the boiler is fitted with twin boiler feed-water pumps with VSD pressure control, modulating feed-water valve, BG01 Arrangement 3 compliant for level alarm and supplementary equipment.

System modifications included double block and bleed steam valve arrangement, access ladder and platforms alterations to provide access to the boiler top mountings and shell manways.

And there’s more – Additional services

All services to the old boiler were disconnected and blanked. Valves, local pipework and walkways were removed prior to removal and arrangements were made to dispose of the old boiler.

Once the new boiler was Installed, our team worked on additional pipework to supply gas to the new Oilon burner.


Substantial savings will come from increased energy efficiency, through the selection of the Oilon/Ecosafe burner combination, achieving up to a 10-1 turn down on gas firing and the flue gas economiser projecting gas savings of 6%. 

Our customer will achieve MCPD and BG01 Arrangement 3 compliance and the local environment will benefit from substantially lower emission levels.

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