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Friday May 29 2020

The Problem:

JBC were contacted by site regarding on going issues and repeated failures on their steam distribution system, resulting in the loss of production and expensive component failure.

A survey by JBC Mechanical Services Management Team immediately highlighted, the cause as being increased moisture from wet steam, due to lack of steam trap stations, incorrectly installed components and system maintenance issues. 

The Solution:

A fully costed solution with timescales based around priorities was implemented, incorporating immediate solutions, system upgrades and future benefits. Site shutdowns were planned to minimise disruption to production and site operations.

The Results:

Once implemented, production levels Increased, overtime working was reduced and still met delivery deadlines and downtime and maintenance costs decreased.

The Next Step:

Due to an increase in their business, the site has placed an order for a second Certuss steam generator which will be installed by JBC and include connection to required services as well as the existing Babcock Wanson steam generator and steam distribution system.

Further Improvements: 

Additional factory improvements included the installation of a new washdown system, where JBC procured, manufactured and installed a purpose build, steam to hot water heat exchanger skid unit complete with steam control and condensate return.

Managing Director, Nigel Wagstaff of Houghton Hams, said of JBC: 

“We have been in business for 36 years and utilising steam for the last ten, and I can confidently say that we are more than satisfied with the advice, workmanship and general relationship we have between our two Companies. I think that success in business starts with people and how they respond to both suppliers and customers alike. I can only speak well of JBC.”

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