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Tuesday March 9 2021


When a key client restructured its engineering department, it took the opportunity to request support from our own team and our BOAS-M (Boiler Operation Accreditation Scheme) accredited Regional Manager, Ian Murphy.

The Problem

As the industry moves towards the BOAS accreditation as a standard, it has become essential for businesses like our client to gain experience
and qualifications to match. Along with day-to-day boiler routine testing, the BOAS accreditation is essential for the creation and implementation of bespoke procedures specific to the customer site. However, there’s more to gain than best practice: BOAS-trained engineers are able to keep boilers running at optimum energy efficiency, saving thousands of pounds on fuel costs per year along with reducing the need for repairs.

Solution and Outcome

Being able to work hand-in-hand with our client’s team – headed by engineering manager Dave Firth – meant that we could provide complete support.

We supported our client with a variety of operational support to ensure they met the current BOAS standards, including new log sheets, rewritten procedures, instruction manuals, boiler checks and improved water chemistry on the boilers, ensuring that the heat transfer surfaces are in optimum condition.

Training Our Clients, On-site

We also provided full training on all elements of BOAS competence, from carrying out daily boiler safety checks to checking chemistry and hotwell temperature for boiler efficiencies and monitoring energy usage to completing weekly tasks as described in BG01 from a safety perspective.

Pipework Upgrades

In the first week alone we identified a water saving of approximately 50 tonnes of water every week, vastly reducing the costs of water treatment and chemistry. Overall, we’ve been able to save our client an average of 36% in water and gas.

Thanks to our expert training, our client gained more than a team of engineers ready to take the BOAS course in time for the new industry standards – they gained significantly safer, more efficient operations.

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