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Friday May 29 2020

Having replaced the old 1977 oil fired steam boiler in early May with an up to date Cochran ST 37 LN steam boiler, rated 10,000 kg/hr and working pressure of 10.0 bar, the next step was to achieve as many savings as possible in terms of both efficiency and cost.

A flue gas economiser unit was incorporated within the boiler at the time of Installation, increasing overall unit efficiency up to 93.5% based on an 80˚C feed water temperature.

This was followed by the installation of the Oilon GP700M, low Nox burner which incorporated the Ecosafe digital combustion control system. 

The new ‘Oilon’ fully modulating dual fuel burner was prepared for variable speed drive, achieving up to a 10-1 turn down on gas and 4-1 turn down on oil. This enabled a low fire boiler output, as well as the ability to operate at reduced oxygen levels throughout the modulation range, resulting in fuel savings. Furthermore, the improved turn down meant that the burner was not recycling and adjusting to the varying loads throughout the day.

The ‘Ecosafe’ digital burner management system with electronic modulating control allowed air/fuel ratio control of the air and fuel drives, including motors for the air inlet damper and gas butterfly valve, giving an accuracy to 0.1 degrees angular and further efficiencies in the boiler house.

Going forward this state of the art combustion equipment will ensure Saria are running efficiently for its long-term future with substantial savings in the process.

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