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Friday May 29 2020

JBC were contacted by Buckley Foods to build, supply and commission a new 1.7-ton gas fired Unical, containerised boiler house to replace an old upstanding Fulton boiler.

The customer required a three-pass reverse wet back fire tube steam boiler and blowdown vessel which would comply with PED 97/23/EC Directive which would be suitable for liquid and gaseous fuels with a steam production range from 350 up to 5000 kg/h and a design pressure of 12 or 15 bar, complete with safety features for automatic operation.

To achieve the customers’ objectives, the boiler was designed with the following objectives:

Maximum heat output of 681kw

Steam production (with supply 80°C water) 650kg/h

Design Pressure 12 bar

Working Pressure 10 bar(g)

A blowdown vessel was also required to provide a safe expansion and cooling of boiler blowdown with a total water volume of 500 litres and a design pressure of 7 bar.

JBC delivered the containerised boilerhouse to the site and subsequently commissioned the boiler and blowdown vessel to the customers delight. 

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