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Friday May 29 2020

The site required the decommissioning and stripping down of the old outdated Hamworthy which was installed on the 3 pass, steam boiler rated at 20,000kg/hr and installation of a new ‘Oilon’ burner with existing ‘Ecosafe’ digital combustion control and FD fan transferred over to the new system.

The new Oilon dual fuel fired burner would achieve a turndown of up to 8:1 on gas with operating Nox levels below 100mg/m3, compared with the old system which only had a turndown of 3.5:1 on gas and operated at high O2 levels towards the bottom of its modulation range. The high combustion efficiency of the new burner achieved accurate fuel/air mixing, which along with the high turndown ratios, provided low excess oxygen levels across a full turndown range.

 A significant additional benefit emanating from the Oilon burner is the use of a constant velocity combustion head, which maintains the air flow velocity throughout the firing range and optimises O2 levels. This along with digital modulation allows the burner to operate safely at O2 levels of less than 2% at high fire on gas, through to 3.5% at low fire – without the creation of CO.


By installing oxygen trim with the proposed burners an extra saving of up to 1% fuel would be achieved.

By improving combustion efficiency and reducing excess oxygen levels across the modulation range (By reducing excess oxygen levels from 8% to 3.5% at low fire where the burner sits for the majority of time will provide a fuel saving of 2% at a point in time).

Ducting warm air for combustion from the boiler house roof space would raise air temperature –  (each 10 degrees = 0.35% fuel saving) between 0.7 and 1%.

Achieving total savings of up to 4% in fuel. 

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