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Better Efficiency and Better Control

Thursday March 23 2023

JBC Industrial Services recently completed a project for a leading manufacturer in the crop protection industry. It was a job that would bring their equipment and site efficiencies right up to date… 

The Brief

Nufarm needed our industry expertise to assist them in upgrading an old Hamworthy burner and obsolete Alphalink controller. It needed to be set up with a more efficient, reliable burner boiler package that would be better suited to their specific site use than what they had in place already. 

As with many projects like this, it was essential that we sent a team of Service Engineers to site to take a look at the existing equipment. To do the job correctly, it’s important to educate ourselves on every aspect of a customer’s premises, so that we can assess the necessary work that needs to be carried out, but also provide further advice as to how they can enhance their energy efficiencies, and make longer-term savings.

Nufarm B4

The Solution

The full site inspection proved its worth. It wasn’t only the equipment that we knew needed to be replaced, but our recommendations to the client also advised them of a number of ways in which we could help them to take steps to improve their site efficiency.   

The obvious improvement to make was to install the correct, and installing an Oilon Burner would be the most efficient option for them. 

It was also important to bring their boiler and burner control up to date too. Easier and smarter usage was paramount, and by connecting their new burner to EcoSafe controls, it’d mean they had a system that was up to date, allowing better usage with an entire new setup, and an improved turndown ratio, giving more efficient oxygen and Nox readings.

Better efficiency - the new installation by JBC Industrial Services

The Result

It was another successful project for JBC, as we provided quality service in a safe working environment. 

We’d worked closely with Nufarm’s engineers throughout the entire process, providing detailed reports and data analysis that allowed for confident decisions about what was needed for optimal performance for both short term and long-term solutions. 

Along the way, we created a digital record of our work, enabling the sign off process for Nufarm to be seamless and easy, and that particularly impressed the client. 

By upgrading their old burner and controller, we’ve helped Nufarm to achieve significant fuel savings along with improved safety standards. We’ve also given them some bonus savings in electrical costs due to the variable speed drive used on the burner motor.  

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