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Can you increase the efficiency of a steam boiler?

Wednesday May 25 2022

Yes! You can increase the efficiency of a Steam Boiler and Boiler House through operational practices and efficiency upgrades. This can be done during install or as retrofitted upgrades. JBC not only offer boiler and burner installs and servicing, but we’ll also provide technical assessments and expert advice, with recommended life-extending and efficiency upgrades designed to maximise your asset life, productivity and performance. Our service agreement customers also benefit from..

UK Boiler and Burner Installations

JBC manage all aspects of the process including consultation, design, pre-manufacture, installation, commission, and final handover, ensuring that deadlines and budgets are met.

Whether you’re looking for annual servicing, daily boiler house checks and full product support, or something completely different, we tailor our service agreements to fit you and your operation.

Detailed servicing and maintenance is a cost effective way of minimising the risk of breakdowns and costly disruptions. Learn more about the ways we’ve increased Steam Boiler efficiency for our customers.

Boiler installation by JBC to increase the efficiency of a steam boiler

5 ways to increase Steam Boiler efficiency

Boilers and Burners can be retrofitted to increase their efficiency, these upgrades can improve the safety and efficiency of new and older systems. If you choose a new Boiler and Burner installation with JBC, you’ll have the opportunity to install equipment that incorporates the most energy-efficient heating technologies available at time of install. But if you’ve recently installed a new Boiler and Burner with another company or you’re not ready to invest in a new Boiler then our expert engineers can provide recommendations for Boiler efficiency upgrades at any time.

1.     Variable speed motor burner controls

Offers energy savings as the input will be reduced when a constant speed is no longer required.


2.     Digital water level controls with a modulating feed                 water valve

Offer efficiency savings through greater water level control.


3.     Boiler Economisers

Offer increased thermal efficiency for your plant room.


4.     Insulate Valves and other components

To reduce heat loss in your Boiler system. This also helps to improve boiler room comfort and reduces the risk of burns for maintenance staff.


5.     Ecosafe – electronic digital controls for industrial                steam boilers and burners

Improves safety, flexibility and finer burner control which means a reduction of fuel costs as well as other efficiency savings.


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