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6 engineers with 1 goal – exceeding customer expectations!

Wednesday October 24 2018

To be a combustion engineer at one of our JBC branches, involves a multitude of specialist skills and expertise in servicing and maintaining this niche but essential industrial boiler market.

We took a closer look at our branch situated in Kingston upon Hull to see the variety of jobs undertaken by our 6 combustion engineers on a single day.

Adam and Antony attended the site of a new customer to prepare the steam boiler for an NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) inspection. This is an important job as Steam boilers and high-pressure hot water boilers require an insurance inspection every 5 years.

This involves the lads carrying out a risk assessment and visually inspecting equipment, before setting up a safe working area. Following this the lads will remove the outer lagging from the shell to expose the front and rear outer tube plates and internal and external welds. Depending on the condition of the boiler, the engineers may remove, overhaul and refit valves, carry out repairs to the boiler shell or tubes and thoroughly test the hydraulic systems. Throughout the process, the engineer liaises with the inspection team, working with them until they are happy. Once complete, everything is replaced

Meanwhile, Luke replaced a non-return valve on a water feed line and a gasket on the crown valve of the boiler. He then refilled the boiler so it was ready to be put back in service.

Several miles away, Colan and James, were servicing 3 Weishaupt burners and carrying out all the safety checks, before supplying the customer with the combustion results.

Last but not least, Steve serviced and repaired an oil-fired heating boiler which resulted in the following comment from the customer;

Your service engineer, Steve, has been today and fixed the broken boiler and serviced it. I was very impressed with his professionalism and his attitude to safety whilst on the job. We carried out a pre-work brief and he was aware of all the items on the risk assessment and isolation procedures. He was also keen to ask questions on our plant specific hazards and the control measures put in place. It was really refreshing to see as a Safety trainer!

Hull Manager, Jean Draper, who herself has over 15 years of experience in the industry, said of the lads:

“My engineers are all multi skilled and will turn their hands to anything concerning a Burner or Boiler. They work well together as a team and are also very competent working on their own. Our aim is to provide a first-class service to satisfy our customers’ needs on site. I feel privileged as a manager to have such a good team working for me”.

From our 40th Anniversary celebration, the lads pictured from left to right are: Adam Swanborough, Luke Hoggard, Colan Forman, Anthony Budd, Steve Budd and James Northage.

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