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Tuesday January 2 2018

JBC designed, installed, modified and commissioned an upgrade from an existing 6000 digital burner modulation system to an ‘Ecosafe’ 6009 simultaneous firing system.

The upgrade increased the amount of biogas burned by a massive 25%, saving the company a staggering £30k per year! The green trend line shown in the graph indicates the consumption of biogas within the burner.

The required components were retrofit and the existing panel modified to allow a Hamworthy burner to operate and burn the maximum methane produced.

The system required a different controller and a second oxygen probe as well as replacing the methane metering valve. Two analogue outputs were also supplied, one for modulating/firing rate and another for available bio gas. A digital run signal allowed our customer to monitor not only the boiler firing time but also where in the modulation range the burner operated.

At our customers request, some of the work was carried out over the weekend to reduce the impact on production.

Once complete, the installation was tested and demonstrated before the final hand over to the customer.

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